Marketing consulting

You see the impact of rapidly growing digitalization and the complete new possibilities in digital marketing, as a challenge and an opportunity for positive further development of your projects.

Limited budget funds, not enough resources, different customer segments and target groups that have diverse markets, the digitization which has drastically changed consumer behavior! How can we make improvements in the field of marketing? What should be focused on more or left out at all? How can I really support and satisfy my service providers? How do I sell successfully? What brings in even more business nowadays?

Firstly, we analyze the status quo, define strengths and weaknesses and consider markets and target groups for your offers and products. We then advise you on how to increase your efficiency in marketing by making the best use of innovative digital possibilities, technologies and services and how your customer data can become a powerful tool. We show you suitable solutions on how to provide existing and new customers with digital marketing tools at every stage of their customer journey, providing a lasting customer experience of your brand. We design a digitalization strategy for you, but of course also link it with the more traditional tools, such as image brochures, trade show appearances, local events or printed direct mailing.

The hotel industry is still facing crises. Overcapacities, price wars and much more. They can only stand out when it comes down to the quality. Not only from the quality of service within the company, but also the quality of external customer sales.

We take care of your customers directly, talk to them in detail and arrange personal, typical sales appointments. We contact your existing customers, take care of new customer acquisition and wake up the dormant customers in your databases.

We actively listen to your customers and let them talk. We find their central needs and analyze what they really need. The customer always comes first and everyone is treated individually. Because, lasting customer relationships are key to the success in being more successful than your competitors.

Our areas of expertise

  • Digital marketing
  • Themed-/Special interest marketing
  • Market and marketing strategies
  • Hotel sales - corporate and leisure